Neuroland at Mall of Qatar

Mall of Qatar

For the very first time, Live in Qatar, CELS Events part of CELS Group created “Neuroland” a mind-blowing edutainment experience offered free of charge for adults and children 5 yrs above at Mall of Qatar. Neuroland puts your brain to the test while being linked up to various games with different tasks to complete, using only your mind.

Head monitors measure heart rate and blood pressure, giving you an amazing opportunity to drive, work, play and move any object with only the powerful force of your mind.

Neuroland presented games and activities based on scientific research that tapped into five critical brain areas: memory, attention, language, executive functions and visual/spatial. The crowds were electrified once they realised how the Neuroland activities unlocked the potential of their own unrealised brainpower and as they relished the challenge to push their own boundaries of mental fitness. It was a huge overwhelming success with remarkable feats of mental fitness unleashed with a little coaxing at Neuroland. Every participant was left in sheer wonder at their own potential and yearned to simply engage even more.  It was truly a wondrous journey for all!

The event was held from 18-26 Oct at the West Gate 2, Mall of Qatar from 12pm-9pm (Saturdays-Thursdays) and 1pm-10pm (Fridays)

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