HAMMOND Feel the Magic

Hammond Feel the Magic operates Internationally throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia specialising in family entertainment, musical productions and concerts, and is widely known for the outstanding quality of its shows and innovation.

Established in 1989 the company has established itself as a market leader for producing and delivering multi-genre customised live productions.

Hammond is recognised as Producers of Musicals, Cirque productions, plays and concerts taking audiences beyond imagination.

In addition, our creatives at Hammond Feel the Magic offer theatrical consulting services, ideation and creative concept development, bespoke production creation, touring, event and project management.

Clients include theatres, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, theme and amusement parks, casinos, and government

It’s Time to Feel the Magic

Bespoke Experiences & Shows

The Blank Canvas

HAMMOND Feel the Magic was created to fill a gap in the market that lacks the opportunity for clients to build customized shows from scratch; shows that support their brand message, their vision and their purpose.

Our Services include:

  • Innovation Cell
  • Entertainment Architects
  • Bespoke Ideas
  • Tailored Productions
  • Family Experiences


Story Telling

Envision the Future

Although it is popular to follow in the footsteps of great fairy tale shows, we are able to offer the client the freedom to co-create and build the story that suits their seasonal and marketing needs. It’s about finding the right message for you.


  • Brainstorming
  • Story Creation
  • Writing
  • Conceptualising

Show Design

Imagine with all your mind

From performances, stage shows, musicals to story parades, a bespoke show can mirror the brand and build repute with the audience. It is about capturing their emotions through that experience and making memories that count.


  • Unique live Shows
  • Scripting
  • Choreography

Artist Casting & Choreography

Achieve with all your might

A great purpose manifests wonderful people; we source the best artists from around the world, we gather passionate people that take pride and ownership in themselves and their work. Their goal is to make a difference


  • International Performers
  • Artist Sourcing
  • Casting
  • Choreography
  • Entertainment Supply

Musical Production & Lyricism

Feel with all your heart

A good harmony can have you dancing, swaying and overall just feeling good. Each note matters and plays a vital part in every masterpiece. Add words that resonate with life experience and voices with character and you attach moments that you will remember many years later.


  • Music Creation
  • Song Writing
  • Studio Work

Show Realisation & Special Effects

See it to Believe It

Our combined efforts make sure all of the experiential needs are met, leaving the audience free to explore, along for the journey, and captured by the display. After all, it’s about take them on an adventure they will remember


  • Set Design
  • Prop Creation
  • Show Calling
  • Theatric

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